Receiving energetic and shamanic healing treatments is new to many people.  

Although calling upon the Gods and Spirits of the natural world for support with healing has been available to humankind since the time before time, in modern days we've forgotten this relationship. We can wonder if this mysterious work is "real."

Reality can be a very personal experience. What might be a more interesting question is whether the work is effective. Even scientists are beginning to recognize the  beneficial connection between spiritual experiences and episodes of spontaneous self-healing, as seen in this article from National Geographic. Also in National Geographic, the importance of nature in healing is expressed in this article about Forest Bathing.

Here are a few comments from people I've worked with recently. Most of them are from Olympia, Seattle, or Victoria, as well as other parts of the U.S. If you'd like to know more about becoming a client, you can learn about getting started here.

“Thank you so much Peter. I have been doing the homework - both the songs resonate strongly and I've cried and sang along to both of them. I feel so much lighter - something has definitely shifted inside of me and it feels like the greatest relief. Thankful I've had the last couple days mostly to myself to process.

“SO MUCH gratitude for the work you do! *


“Hi Peter

“Just a quick note to say that I feel better than I've felt in months. I feel more confident (maybe that's not quite the word), and a tiny bit lighter.

“Thank you. Thank you.



“Just wanted to tell you that I feel much better! I was in a bit of a fog but shortly after I left that gradually lifted. My back is not as tight, the most significant thing though, is my heaviness and anxiety is so much lighter. If anything, I’m not having any anxiety at all. My throat is feeling much better as well. I had such a good experience.

“Thank you again.*


“Hello Peter,

“After the session, he (my husband) became very agitated on the way home but once that passed the “calms” felt much calmer. Everyone in our house (D., baby, cats) all slept better that night. Over the last week he is still up and down but calmer. Much more present when spending time with L. in the evenings.*


“I feel no obvious effects on the day of the session, other than it is nice to be listened to deeply, and the feathers feel wonderful and alive. But I have noticed that whatever I bring to a session seems to lift in some way and I don’t deal with it again.

“Working with Peter has been the most casual yet deeply impactful work I have done.*


"I thought I'd share my experience from after the healing with you. It was very profound. I took a bath with the sacred spring water last night and was amazed at how strong the healing spirit was. I could see her quite clearly, and she came with my Mom. She asked me if I was ready to see the source of my suffering and that it was very old. I said yes and I was flooded with visions of just before my Mom passed away, and after. The old feelings of abandonment and self-loathing surfaced in a big way. It was like discovering an old wound that was still full of infection. I had a real good cleansing cry and was able to reconnect with the spirit of my Mom. It was powerful and I am still feeling the effects of it today.*


"Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday.  Today I’m feeling a buoyancy of possibility that hasn’t been so present for some years.*


"For a few days, afterward I could feel my heart chakra in different ways. One day it felt like it was being pulled open from the center, like reaching into an opening and pulling it apart…….I feel my level of self-worth went up a notch and that is inviting changes. Also, I am on a mission with walking into my purpose.*


"Since our session last Friday, the 21st, I have had some very positive changes in my life that I have noticed. I have noticed a definite heightening of my senses and a greater awareness. My mental organization skills are greatly improved, I feel like I can think clearer, and when I do run into challenging situations, it is much easier for me to find a solution or ask for help if I need it. I've also noticed a slight boost in energy, and that my upright posture has improved.

"My toenail fungus still itches at times, but my skin has definitely improved and some of my nails have returned to a normal healthy color as opposed to yellow. I feel like I still need some work, but it has improved. 

"I have also noticed it is much easier to feel at peace now. At times, I feel like my heart is definitely open, and I feel very present and even a little blissful. 

"Thank you,*


"Hello, Peter!!

"I hope you are doing well!

"So, whatever you did last time absolutely did work!! I'm getting noticed a lot now and it does feel like people are reacting to me differently, which has been really sweet to experience.*


"I wanted to let you know that I'm feeling better since our session. My heart feels lighter.*


"Thank you so much Peter.

"I do feel much better and feel more connected to the levels of my spiritual connections as well. I find that amazing.  I agree with you that this is a major purge/healing but did not realized that it was from the surgery and radiation. The thought that comes to me is that of putting myself of wholly back together.*

"Peter, I slept better than ever since the break-up last night. I took the bath on Saturday night, and slept deeply as well. This morning, I woke up with much more lightness in my chest. I am sure this is connected to your work with my mom and grandmother. It really deeply touches me. I was thinking about the poison my grandmother took and my heart burn. The resentment I felt towards my ex, and the resentment my mom and grandmother felt. And my sister's. They are all connected. I am eager to free myself from needing a man, and their approval and it is liberating to hear grandmother's voice.

"Thank you.*


"I'm embarrassed I've taken so long to contact you and thank you again for your healing work with me a couple months ago, it feels like a couple weeks ago...

"I felt different inside even upon leaving and had an emotional several weeks afterward. I didn't email because I found myself angry and that's not an emotion I'm used to. I'm still processing…. I'm still healing but notice a significant difference internally on a soul level. I think the main thing is I don't feel so lost as I did before and so deep in it, I'm grateful for that.

"I appreciate your work and thank you and hope to continue with another session soon.*

K. Q.

“reminded me of the loving touch of my grandfather, and I thank you for that.*


"I want to let you know that my son continues to report that he is free of the demon that you removed. But more so, I want to thank you once again for the deep support you gave me during those weeks. I felt that you took on a role of the adult male that he never had and that I, in my own way, had never had access to as a female raising him alone. I got a brief view, through you, of what it might have been like to have had a truly supportive partner in parenting him. My own Father died when I was ten years old and so I have a gap in understanding the role an adult male plays in the evolution of a child, particularly through their teenage and adult years. I hope that this doesn't sound odd or strange and forgive me if it does.*


"Dear Peter,

"I just have to tell you that I have really begun to feel myself again! Feeling more love and bliss coming from me and the fear is very minimal. I'm starting to live again! Thank you! I still think that there is more work to be done though and for some reason I feel it's connected to my daughter whom is 5. Would you be able to work with us?



 "The anxiety has abated significantly (a major miracle!)*


"I felt in better spirits since getting off the table in your office.  I am thankful my heart is less cold and I hope it gets warmer while still staying guarded to some degree for protection but I want it to become fluid…….Peter, thank you for the healing and for future healings.  I look forward to our next session and learning all I can soak up.*


"Thank you Peter! I can definitely see a difference in myself, and it feels great.*


"Thanks ya much for checking-in. I am super exhausted still. But still have laughter and light on my feet!

"I slept deep. Didn't lock the door of my room as I usually do. Didn't care.

"I have the deepest gratitude and honor for you and the Huichol/ Kakayari. As you and he disposed of this high ranking entity with the strongest healing power, the magnitude of your healing power cracks the meter, seriously.

"I have never felt that much power and on top of that, your realness and compassion as a person is a blessing man. I greatly appreciate you being the way you were and the way you're.

"It fills my spirit in a positive way to know you and have a relationship with both of you. I feel you and I aligned in a very personal way and possibly created an alignment that has been a long time coming!*


“The scientist in me hates to jump to conclusions but I have to tell you that working with you has made a difference.  I made it through these first three days back at the ‘work’ and the associated rigors well.  My blood pressure is very close to under control (still with meds but that hasn't happened in a while).  I feel calm and protected.  It's actually amazing.  There has been a significant energetic shift.*


"Today was a very sweet, magical day filled with kindness from others and a big blessing from Spirit---the IRS stopped their levy on John's social security before I even asked them to!. That is a huge gift to our grocery budget, which was suffering.

"Anyway, it felt like the black cloud I have been living under for years was finally gone. I am SO grateful to you and your spirit friends (Artemisia, Red Clover and Spring Beauty) and have been joyously thanking them, and you, and my own spirit all day. I feel very Blessed.

"With deep gratitude,*


"I want to let you know that I had a really good experience with my healing. I have noticed some changes in how I react to the outer world - probably no surprise to you - that I have been trying to "get at" most of my adult life. Thank you!*


"My 19 year-old daughter had been in and out of behavioral health facilities and for about 8 months, she had about 3 spiritual attachments that took control over her whole life. She was out of touch with reality and did not function in society at all.  She was also medicated into a zombie state 24/7. I contacted Peter to remove these attachments and followed his instructions.  Peter was always very professional, thorough and always took the time to explain everything in detail. He was upfront and honest and never made you guess or left you hanging. He is definitely a true 'healer!' My daughter is entity free now after almost 8 months and functioning and in touch with reality again.  Thank you Peter for your work...My daughter is home again!*


“I have had a very profound healing from our last session...more integrated, barely any depression, joy arising :).  I am very grateful for your healing help!*


“I found our session very helpful and I seemed to notice a number of shifts (some very intense) in the few weeks following it.*


“I was able to feel changes in my outlook on situations I have been struggling with right away, most importantly the one with my current/ex girlfriend. I still have the feelings but am able to deal with them in a more positive perspective. I'm not as consumed by the thoughts in a depressive manner.*


“Things that have been attacking me my whole life have receded and not returned.*  


Hi Peter,

"Thank you SO much for acknowledging me to her. 

"I am experiencing many mixed, visceral feelings. I feel revulsion and hope. I don't want her near me and I want her to be okay.  I feel that no matter what she says, I will only be able to forgive on a very spiritual level.  The personal level might never happen. I am very sad and anxious, but unsure what it's connected to.  I do have the image of her reaching toward me and me wanting to vomit and feeling pity and wanting love.  

"I am profoundly grateful that you are doing this.*


“What's more, my crippling depression has not returned. Indeed, I'm beginning to feel twinges of what I call my 'old self'; the way I felt on a daily basis before I became depressed. For me, this is a remarkable thing, and I am deeply, deeply grateful to you for your help in bringing on this relief.*


“Thanks so much for your time and guidance yesterday.  I feel like a great new gift has come into my life and I have you to thank for that.  I am looking forward to learning more.*  


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*These are individual opinions. Your results may vary.