Wondering what it means to be a shamanic healer? Feeling called to work with spirits but uncertain how to proceed?

A consultation with Peter can answer questions and help clarify what you’re seeking.

If you're exploring medicine or shamanic path work, you might also be interested in attending a Sacred Fire or seasonal ceremony.

Consultations & private classes

Peter offers private classes that develop and tune one's ability to connect with nature spirits and the other-than-human realms.

Consultations and private classes can be by phone or in person in Olympia, Seattle or Victoria.

An initial 50-minute class/consultation is $50.  Extended courses of study are created on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Peter for more information.

upcoming public classes & workshops


Wednesday April 17 7:00-8:30 pm

Olympia Sacred Fire House

Come join Peter for an evening presentation on shamanic healing from the perspective of the traditions in which he has been initiated, the Huichol and Nahua people. The evening will involve connecting with spirit and an opportunity for questions and answers.

He will talk about his experiences developing relationships with the Gods and Spirits for healing, the calling, the search, the commitment and the unfolding. He will also lead an experiential exercise in which attendees will be guided and supported to connect with a particular spirit so that they may either reinforce the work that they are currently doing in the other realms or to start to open the doors of possibilities for connection.

There will also be space for people who have questions about shamanic healing either through what is being presented for themselves in their lives or spiritual experiences that they have had or are having.

Come join Peter around the fire for an evening of connection.

For more information and directions, contact Peter at: peter@peterbrownhealing.com

Discovering Plants for Personal Healing

Wednesday, June 26th 6:30 – 8:00 pm

The Red Barn on 12th, NE Olympia

From the beginning of time, people have had the ability to listen to plants. This introduction to plant work will enable us to start learning from plants whose qualities can help to heal us with our current challenges. In an experiential setting, we will each find a helper plant. $10 class fee.

For more information and directions, contact Peter at peter@peterbrownhealing.com

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