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grandfather fire has seen it all, from the big bang to tomorrow’s news.

Spending an evening listening to His wisdom can be a life-changing event.

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I don’t have words for how amazing it was!
All I can say is - WOW.
I have never felt what I felt at the fire before.
When I went to thank him I felt like I was standing by a huge, magnetic force, warm and deeply loving.
His answer helped me more than the answer I was expecting.
I was deeply and profoundly touched by grandfather fire.
It was an awesome first-time event for me!
— All quotes were emailed to event organizers spontaneously the day after the 2018 Fire Speaks Olympia event

Many spiritual traditions have a name for the elemental Spirit of Fire:

Hestia, Sekhmet, Agni, Brigit, and Vesta are just a few.

Since 1999, the Spirit of Fire called "Tatewari" by Mexico's Indigenous Huichol people has been sharing teachings, sacred stories and life guidance with people all over the world. Sitting around a sacred fire, Grandfather answers questions from those who gather with Him until around midnight.

Tatewari speaks by "borrowing" the body of don David Wiley, an American-born Huichol elder, ritual leader and healer. In the Huichol language, the word axihuatakame means "god-speaker man."

During this special gathering, don David will be Tatewari's "god-speaker man." At a certain point in our evening, Tatewari will begin speaking through don David. He will answer peoples' questions about their lives and our world. And through His answers He will share provocative counsel about how to deepen your relationship with the wisdom of your own heart and the natural world around you.

Why is Grandfather Fire showing up and speaking to people around the world?

There are many myths and sacred stories about the times when the gods and spirits have come to talk with humans. These miraculous exchanges typically happen during times of turmoil and extremes.

Ours is a time of extreme imbalance, polarity and confusion. The elemental spirits of nature work to bring the world back into balance. Tatewari helps people find a new, ancient way to create balance and healing: living from the Heart.

Tatewari—Grandfather Fire—is wise, funny, provoking and astonishingly insightful. You can ask Him anything, about life's mysteries, about a personal challenge, about "how the world works." Release your expectations and open your self to divine guidance, from the source.

Reservation: $90
Children 14 and under free

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CAMPING available. Email olygrandfatherfire@gmail.com for details.

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