Shamanic healing works to relieve the core emotional and spiritual blocks that create the symptoms that we call "illness." Shamanic healing accesses the past and present when overcoming trauma.

What does it mean to Be healED? 

It can be as simple as..."Finally, I feel good. "

Many people seek healing because they have something that is troubling them, challenging them, preventing them from being fully present in life. For others, they are seeking relief from pain.

While Western medical care has made amazing advances in healing physical trauma to one's body, it can be blind to the relationship between emotion and physical illness. Too often its practitioners don't see the "whole person" and miss the mental, emotional and spiritual traumas and stresses that can be the root of internal disease.  

Too often in the West, body, mind and spirit are rarely mentioned in the same sentence.

How can one heal if these parts of our being are kept separate?

I have been taught by my Elders to see the full person.  This begins with assessing physical well-being, emotional expanse and the connection of their spirit to the world around them. 

The gods have shown me how to listen and see the person in this world as well as the unseen world: how their life and challenges are unfolding from the totality of all their experiences. My years of apprenticeship, pilgrimage and initiation have allowed me and committed me to assist people with their own deep self-healing.


This article from National Geographic magazine presents scientific studies and interviews with people who have experienced self-healing when treated in ways that are grounded in shamanic and spiritual belief systems.

In Merced, California, Hmong shaman Va Meng Lee performs a home-based curing ceremony for a man who fell ill during a funeral. Recognizing the healing power of belief, Dignity Health’s hospital in Merced allows shamans to work with patients in its medical facility. 
-"Unlocking the Healing Power of You" 
Dec. 2016, National Geographic magazine