Peter e brown in his traje, traditional huichol clothing

Initiated Granicero (weather worker) August 2001
by Don Lucio Campos de Elizade
Nepopualco, Morelos, MX
Nahua tradition

Initiated Mara' akame  September 2008
Initiated Mara' akame (second site) September 2014
Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit, MX
Huichol tradition


As an initiated mara' akame (one who knows) in the Huichol tradition and a granicero (weather worker) in the Nahua tradition of Mexico, I have pilgrimaged, apprenticed and sacrificed to build my relationships with the living world and the Gods.

Initiation into the traditional ways of the Huichol and Nahua people of Mexico bestows permission and duty to engage with the beings of the unseen realms to help individuals and community. It is through these years of service and initiation within these two ancestral traditions that I have been allowed and required to help people.

After being identified as a granicero by don Lucio Campos de Elizade, I was crowned in a ceremony.  This ‘marriage’ to the Weather Beings consummated a life-long relationship with weather, community, healing and sacred sites.

After more than six years of apprenticeship and pilgrimage to sacred sites within the Huichol homeland and apprenticeship with a Huichol marakame, I was initiated in a ceremony on the shores of Santa Maria del Oro in 2008.  Passing through this doorway started me on my next cycle - bringing my gifts into the world from these sacred sites.

After completing my first Huichol initiation, my elders offered a second apprenticeship and pilgrimage to a new constellation of sacred sites. I completed  five more years of preparations and was initiated in the ways and gifts of the deities of these new sites in 2014. 

Both these traditions have a relationship with the Gods and Spirits for healing, ceremony, ritual, counseling and weather.  The Divine brings about healing in our physical realm.  I call upon the deities that have assisted me through years of pilgrimage to sacred sites and ask for their assistance to heal.