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My practice over the years has incorporated three different approaches to helping people –Huichol shamanism, Plant Spirit Medicine and body work. Although these are three unique healing disciplines, I have found that they complement each other in the treatment of the whole person. 

My Shamanic work is allowed through my initiations into the Huichol and Nauha traditions of Mexico.  The years of apprenticeship and making pilgrimage have given me the gift of listening to and being guided by the deities and spirits when helping people.  This work affords and brings forth healing in many different forms.

Plant Spirit Medicine works on the spiritual and emotional level.  This practice calls upon shamanistic and ancient healing arts that utilize the healing power of plants to affect the bodies’ energy systems and spirit within the framework of the Chinese 5-Elements.

The body work that I predominately use is CranioSacral.  This form works on the physical level to relieve adhesions, restrictions, and energy cysts along with past emotional ties that have started to take physical form within the body.

The sessions seek to assist the individual before serious illness occurs.

Often, clients who exhibit symptoms of emotional tension, wariness, stress, irritability, sadness or other "common" complaints are actually in the first stages of developing potentially more serious problems.

My practice can effect changes in peoples' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives, creating wellness as a way of life. You can read some of my clients' comments here.