plants are so generous with their gifts

I have worked with plants for many years, calling upon their generosity to heal us humans.  The land that I live upon has an orchard with a variety of fruit and nut trees.  I feel very fortunate to live with trees that provide apples, plums, pears, nectarines, almonds and cherries.

When I first moved to the land, the peach tree was producing some very succulent fruit, but after a couple of years, the fruit production ceased.  It was an older tree, and I had heard that peach trees only live around 15 to 20 years.  I thought to myself that the tree was reaching the end of its life cycle.  I waited a couple of years and still no fruit.

giving back: Healing Treatments for Plants

As I sat with the tree, a realization appeared to me.  Plant life for so many years worked with me to heal people, I should be returning the favor.  The next day, I went out and performed healing work on the peach tree.  The following spring, I noticed that the tree was flowering in a wonderful manner.

A month or so later, I was out walking in the orchard when I saw that a couple of branches had broken due to the abundance of fruit.  I pruned these branches and winnowed out some of the fruit to lessen the burden.

The production on this tree has increased every year since this first treatment.  I extended the treatments in the following years to other fruit trees due to their production and issues around scabbing and the like.

The trees have all responded beautifully to being helped and produced an abundance of beautiful fruit.

If you have tried a means to bring your plants to life with mixed success, there could be a reason beyond ‘nutrition’ affecting the plants.